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Rebilly - Recurring Billing Software
Rebilly – Recurring Billing Software

Paid Newsletter services are one of the booming industries on the Internet. People are willing to pay money for access to information and material on a regular basis that they require and a fully automated newsletter service is the perfect way to achieve this.

So how can you go about setting up a paid newsletter service? Fortunately, doing so is relatively simple.

1. Get paid! – That’s right, paid newsletter are a great way to monetise your site. How to do so? Well, check for recurring billing softwares to help you with the process. Easy peasy!

2. Generate a free newsletter – Why generate a free newsletter? Well because everybody can get a taste of what you are likely to be offering in the paid version. A free newsletter should give potential customers a taster of what to expect. You want to whet their appetite for more. Free newsletters reach a far greater number of customers which can then turn into more paying subscriptions for your paid newsletter.

3. Free trials – A free trial is a great way to attract customers who want to try your product. The take up percentage from free trials is generally very good, but you can also weed out customers who are unlikely to subscribe by offering a low-price trial of your paid newsletter (say $1).

4. Carefully plan your process – It is going to be impractical for you to oversee every application and cancellation to your paid newsletter service, so you need to be sure that it can be fully automated to ensure the smooth running of it.

5. Use SMTP providers for bulk email deliveries – ensuring your newsletter, whether it is free or paid, reaches customers is vital and rather than use a standard email to send them out, using a SMTP provider makes the process a lot easier and more reliable.

6. Think carefully about what you will deliver on your paid newsletter – If a free newsletter is a taster, then your paid newsletter should be the whole hog roast. If people are going to pay for your newsletter, they will be expecting something tangible and useful in return. Think about what it is you are selling and ensure that your readers are under no illusions as just how valuable it is to them. This is true whether you are selling information, or a tangible product or service.

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