New Xbox and PlayStation Consoles Expected to Rely on Internet

new xbox
Both Xbox and PlayStation have recently begun releasing details about their next generation consoles. Microsoft and Sony have noted that gamers are increasingly likely to not just have a high-speed internet connection in their home, but to demand that content be accessible through that connection. They will no doubt be thinking of ways to leverage this observation when creating their next consoles.

Sony recently purchased Gaikai, a cloud gaming service, and it’s expected that they will use this service to provide users of the new PlayStation 4 with a more robust version of their online game subscription service PlayStation Plus.

Microsoft has also been toying with the idea of completing more of its gaming sales through cloud streaming. The new Xbox is rumored to actually require an online connection for access to games—games will have to be downloaded or accessed via a streaming subscription service, and it will not be possible to transfer games from player to player or to use pre-owned games with the system. Needless to say, gamers and resale shops are not at all happy with this prospect.

Dissatisfaction with Xbox’s proposed new business model as well as the fact that they have not yet announced anything concrete about the new Xbox has given PlayStation the opportunity to generate buzz for their new console. By making announcements first, Sony perhaps hopes to create the impression that they are the industry leader and it is Microsoft’s Xbox that is playing catch-up in this go-round of the seemingly endless Xbox vs PlayStation debate.

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