Indie Programmer Makes Quirky Online Games

growvalleyIn recent years, smartphones and tablets have made it easier than ever to sneak in a little gaming time whenever you have a spare moment. Free games like Angry Birds took the world by storm, resulting in the creation of entire product lines of Angry Birds-themed merchandise, from Angry Birds fruit snacks to Angry Birds clothing.

But while online games are fun to play on the go, they can get a bit dull and repetitive. When you want something truly creative, try the odd little Flash puzzle games created by a Japanese programmer at

Most of the Eyezmaze games are free to play. All of them can provide hours of entertainment to a patient and curious individual. The “Grow” games work on a cause and effect basis. You are given a bunch of items, which you can click on in order to “use” them in the game. Each item affects the scene depicted in the game, as well as the other objects that have been used before it. Depending on the order in which you choose to use the objects, different things happen in the game. There isn’t always much logic to it, but there are hints and it’s fun to try different orders to view different animations. Ultimately, when you find the correct combination and order of items, you’re treated to a fascinating little animation and a congratulatory message. The best part of the games is just how refreshingly creative they are.

The only problem with Eyezmaze games is it takes so long for a new one to come out! Right now there are 7 Grow games and 5 mini Grows, plus over a dozen other Flash games. The latest Grow, Grow Maze, has just come out, so you should definitely go try it.

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