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Rebilly - Recurring Billing Software

Rebilly – Recurring Billing Software

Paid Newsletter services are one of the booming industries on the Internet. People are willing to pay money for access to information and material on a regular basis that they require and a fully automated newsletter service is the perfect way to achieve this.

So how can you go about setting up a paid newsletter service? Fortunately, doing so is relatively simple.

1. Get paid! – That’s right, paid newsletter are a great way to monetise your site. How to do so? Well, check for recurring billing softwares to help you with the process. Easy peasy!

2. Generate a free newsletter – Why generate a free newsletter? Well because everybody can get a taste of what you are likely to be offering in the paid version. A free newsletter should give potential customers a taster of what to expect. You want to whet their appetite for more. Free newsletters reach a far greater number of customers which can then turn into more paying subscriptions for your paid newsletter.

3. Free trials – A free trial is a great way to attract customers who want to try your product. The take up percentage from free trials is generally very good, but you can also weed out customers who are unlikely to subscribe by offering a low-price trial of your paid newsletter (say $1).

4. Carefully plan your process – It is going to be impractical for you to oversee every application and cancellation to your paid newsletter service, so you need to be sure that it can be fully automated to ensure the smooth running of it.

5. Use SMTP providers for bulk email deliveries – ensuring your newsletter, whether it is free or paid, reaches customers is vital and rather than use a standard email to send them out, using a SMTP provider makes the process a lot easier and more reliable.

6. Think carefully about what you will deliver on your paid newsletter – If a free newsletter is a taster, then your paid newsletter should be the whole hog roast. If people are going to pay for your newsletter, they will be expecting something tangible and useful in return. Think about what it is you are selling and ensure that your readers are under no illusions as just how valuable it is to them. This is true whether you are selling information, or a tangible product or service.

Two Benefits of Instant Online Tech Support for Internet Games

pixel game

Pixel Game

Online gaming is more popular than ever, as it allows people from all over the world to play their favorite games together and forge friendships through their mutual love of gaming. Online games range from RPG titles to casino games, 3D adventures, and more. However, when something goes wrong, you can lose any progress you’ve made in the game and even lose all of your data if things crash completely. In some cases, when you sign up for a paid online game, you often have the option to sign up for instant 24-hour online tech support as well, and there are several reasons why you should invest in this service.

You Get Help When You Need It

When your online game crashes, you can waste hours trying to find a gaming forum that can help you solve your problem. Many boards are out of date, and some of the sites contain viruses that can harm your computer. Instead of wasting time or risking your computer, signing up for instant online tech support for your game will allow you to get help when you need it with little more than a click of your mouse. The techs are available either via online chat or they can walk you through repair procedures over the phone so you can get back to your game as soon as possible.

Access to Knowledgeable Techs

When you have instant online tech support service for your online gaming experience, the tech on hand will be able to assess the situation quickly and be able to offer you a number of solutions right away. This is a great advantage over having to fumble through an instruction manual or troubleshooting book, especially if you’re not yet familiar with the game. Having dedicated online support means having instant access to knowledgeable technicians that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable, even when things go wrong.

The Best in Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts

Online games allow people to interact with thousands of people in real time in virtual worlds as broad as the imagination itself. The appeal of online gaming is simple- An overworked businessman can vent his frustrations by slaying countless enemies when he takes on the persona of a 700-pound ogre. A fragile high school student can use his super strength and speed to battle villains (or heroes). A person who feels powerless in real life can exact revenge on society in the virtual world.

Technological advances have made massively multiplayer online (MMO) games very popular over the last few years. One of the top games is “The Lord of the Rings Online” which allows players to explore Middle Earth and forge their own adventures as they battle the evil forces of Saruman to become legendary. “Archeage” offers a world that is not predetermined, but rather the player controls the destiny of their character. The economy of the virtual world is driven by the players themselves whether they are farming or selling goods. The game also features monumental player versus player battles on land or sea. Even the judicial system is governed by the actions of the players, who also have the option to take over other players’ territories.

dc universe online

dc universe online

For those seeking something more familiar, there is “DC Universe Online” where you can create your own super hero and fight alongside Superman, Batman, and the rest of the members of the Justice League. Lex Luthor travels back in time to recruit help in preventing the future – the reign of Brainiac.

Online gaming is virtually limitless and ever changing. Characters and storylines are directly impacted by the players themselves which adds an additional level of game-playing excitement.

Are Online Games a Brain Booster?

online-brain-gamesWith so much controversy surrounding the influence that violent games have on our nation’s youth, evidence of the positive effects of gaming is often overshadowed. But a slew of recent studies have started a whole new debate about computer games and their potential for increasing cognitive function.

Those who believe computer games can actually increase brain function or slow the mental decline typically seen in aging individuals point to studies like the one recently conducted to test the effectiveness of a game called Double Decision. The premise of this game is simple – the player must identify a particular car and road sign amid distractions of increasing number and complexity. In the study, participants of varying ages were assigned to either play Double Decision or complete computerized crossword puzzles for several weeks. Cognitive tests were given both before and after the study. Participants who did the crossword puzzles showed expected one year cognitive decline rates but those who played Double Decision showed significant improvement over the typical decline. In light of these results, the AARP has started offering its members discounts on several such cognitive boosting computer games.

There are many however who are still doubtful about the claims of these “brain games”. They argue that the games simply train a person to perform better at a very specific task under a particular set of circumstances. Being able to quickly match pictures on a computer game does not necessarily mean that an individual will be able to remember where they put their car keys or whether they took their medications.

Regardless of your stance, there is one thing that always remains true – computer games are a fun way to spend time. The possibility that they could improve brain function is just icing on the cake.